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A recent  issue contained a story on the 40 years of the Association of Nigerian Authors. A news item on the first telephone conversation between Professor Gurnah,the  2021 winner of the Nobel prize in Literature and the Secretary General of the Swedish Academy. And a write-up on the catalogue of Africana first publisher, famous for publishing education and personal development titles.

Tips for new and unestablished writers-The success of freelancing is based on the quality of information at the disposal of the freelancer in this era of information technology. And in this issue we talked about how writers can save money by taking the open-source approach in the choice of a word processing software.Openoffice was our choice,when it comes to choosing a word processing software and we focused on how to find freelance writing opportunities in directories like the Writers and Artists Yearbook and the International Literary Marketplace.

Cover Story/Ideal Bookshelf-This section answered that thorny issue related to the art of writing a biography.In this main feature,we classified biographies into different categories,what makes a successful biography,examples of great biographies and how to start similar projects.We presented the biographies of prominent Nigerians in our ideal Bookshelf section.

Guest Author/Spotlight on a Book retailer-Abubakar Ibrahim Adam was our guest author. We used the cultural companion to Lagos by Kaye Whiteman,to walk our readers through the districts of the former capital of Nigeria. And we explained the proximity factor between the CSS bookshop  and many religious monuments, in our Bookshop Spotlight captioned: A Bookshop with a national heritage status.


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Ikeja -Alausa  Secretariat Bus stop-News stand beside the entrance

Ikeja-Under-the-bridge Bus-stop- News stand beside Polaris Bank

Onipanu Bus stop-News stand backing Conoil Petrol Station

Sabo Bus stop-News stand-in front of Sabo Post Office

Yaba Bus terminal-News stand close to the statue of Dr Tai Tolarin(closed during road construction) 

Ojuelegba under-the-bridge-Vendor under administrative suspension

Surulere-Barracks Bus stop-News stand at the beginning of Tejuosho Street

Surulere-Adeniran Ogunsanya/Adebola Street-Vendor on Vacation

Cele Bus stop-News-stand beside Conoil Petrol Station

Okota Round About-News stand Opposite Ago Palace Bus Terminal

Okota Road-News stand facing the Bus terminal to Lawanson

Ketu Bus-stop-News -stand  in front  of N° 499 Ikorodu Road


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