The Reading Culture Activist Eager To Catch Young Readers

A Local Library in each Nigerian district

School proprietors,parents,community leaders and people within the literary festival circuit are familiar with the name of Mrs Funmi Ilori,the CEO of iread Mobile Library.The literacy agency founded by the scholar,writer and reading culture activist.Who was inspired by the idea of a library in every district of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to launch the iread mobile library.

A Decade of iread Mobile Library

Last year,the 10th anniversary of this popular itinerant library network since the creation of Lagos State in 1967 was celebrated with the offer of other services.In reality,the work of iread mobile library is visiting schools in the district of Igando,offering books to children to enable them to develop the habit of reading,teaching them how to use books to acquire new skills and how to make them good readers before they are 10 in our electronic age.


iRead Bookshop and Electronic Library

A retail outlet in ikeja,on the Lagos mainland,an electronic book store,a subscription-based electronic library and children care are some of the new services rolled out by the literacy agency as we are gliding to the year 2024.At the same time,iread has a partnership with Tumblebook Library,the mega repository that provides access to fiction,non-fiction,games and videos from many international publishers.


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