An industry titan writes back- part one

There is nothing in common between General Olusegun Obasanjo,the former president of Nigeria and Patrick Pouyané,the chief executive officer of TotalEnergies. Yet these two prominent persons deserve admiration because the former president of Nigeria in his last press conference thanked all his critics for their vehement oppositions to his administration because he used regularly their opinions to improve his policy making process.

The gesture of self-confidence

A similar magnanimous gesture was displayed by Patrick Pouyané,the chief executive officer of TotalEnergies,who repeatedly used,it is very easy to say that what you read on Twitter is the truth.We are unaware of this decision,we are going to reply by writing a letter and it is unfair that the European parliament took a decision  on our industry without inviting us for an explanation,during his presentation before the foreign affairs commission on November 9, 2022.


The confessions of a Geopolitician

In explanatory tones,he predicted a stagnation followed by a decrease in oil production over the next few years.He disclosed that his visits to many countries in Asia made him to realise that many people were surprised at the numerous economic sanctions imposed on Russia without the approval of the United Nations.And he declared that the change of his group name to TotalEnergies, was part of the strategies of the company to become a major electricity service provider.


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