Nigeria -2023 Presidential Election

The French Media And The Presidential Election In Nigeria -Part one

Did you watch the France 24 report on the election in Nigeria was the question that a friend asked me on February 27,2023.I asked the person what he retained from the TV report and after answering my question what are your views on the presidential candidates,he retorted.

Lack of media coverage

Current affairs observers can say that the coverage of international affairs in the media is very strong in this country.L'Express has an international affairs secton(Périscope)with a world map offering the readers of the weekly,a synopsis of what happened worldwide.World events have a special place on the editorial pages of CNews Matin,the free circulation daily before it ceased publication and many newspapers have international analysts.


The posters of the APC in Lagos State as at october 2022.

Priority given to disruptive events

Between the last quarter of 2022 and the first quarter of 2023 there were no reports on the presidential election in Nigeria.This lack of media coverage was due to numerous strikes against a bill to reform the pension system before the parliament,on the spot coverage of how the government is consulting political groups,tinkering with the bill,the consequences of a negative parliamentary vote for the government and the use of the famous 49.3 constitutional provision or parliamentary veto.

The publication of  news items

Another major focus of the press during the first five weeks of the year 2023 was the debate on the supply of military equipment to Ukraine,the first anniversary of the war and the casualities of the earthquake in Turkey.By the time the public became used to these bad news,La Croix of February 24,2023 used a filler to inform the readers of the Catholic daily that 93 million Nigerians are going to the polls on Saturday and 18 presidential candidates are running for the post of the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


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