Geopolitics-Features of the other France

Territorial possessions in five different continents

The word le territoire national or the national territory is widely used on administrative documents,in conversations and as a pertinent classification of entities within the cities of Calais in the North,Strasbourg in the East,Brest in the West,Nice in the South East and Saint-Jean de Luz in the South Western part of France.In contrast to the territoire d'outre-mer or the overseas territories that are located in five different continents around the world with strategic,cultural,economic and institutional features.


photo: A Carnaval Tropical participant in 2013 and 2023

North and South Americas

Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon in the north eastern part of Canada is a perfect example of the continental dimension of the overseas territories of France.Guyana in South America shares borders with Surinam and Brazil and the islands of La Guadeloupe,La Martinique,Saint Barthélemy and Saint Martin constitute the Caribbean presence of France.These islands are very far from the rue Oudinot(the department in charge of overseas territories) but they have elected representatives in the legislative and in other arms of government.

Active presence in the Pacific Ocean Zone

Whether as a region,a department or a collectivity,the Indian and the Pacific oceans have French sovereign elements.Although the New Caledonia has a special status within the overseas territories framework.Le Caillou by geographical location is closer to Australia and  New Zealand.The French Polynesia and Wallis et Futuna are within the exporting routes of many nations.At the same time, Moetai Brotherson featured very well in the April 2023 electoral campaign and famous politicians like Oscar Temaru and Gaston Flosse took observers  to the political issues of 1984.


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