Lagos:A Literary Promenade

Let us imagine the scenario of a literary festival in each state of the federation of Nigeria and substantial funding at federal,state and private levels to libraries, reading clubs,writers,publishers and book retailers.The result will be a better perception of our literary scene world wide and invitations to international authors from literary festival organisers.For the simple fact that the city of Lagos beguiles  Nigerian and International writers.

The city of inspiration

Foreign correspondents have written extensively on the different aspects of Lagos.Ryszard Kapuscinski,in Ebene: Adventures Africaines explained what it means to live along Massey street, on the Lagos island, to fetch water from the public fountain and to see soldiers taking strategic positions along King George V Road on January 15, 1966.Kaye Whiteman used the historical approach in his description of Lagos and the author of Lagos: Supernatural city,accepted the honour that Lagosians bestowed upon him as you will see in Manuwa Street by Sophie Bouillon. Buchi Emechetta talked about Lagos in her first novel and when you read these novels: Welcome to Lagos,Suitors are scare in Lagos,International Sisi Eko,Nearly all men in Lagos are Mad, you think of the writings of Jane Austen.

Photos:The first novel of Buchi Emecheta, the African adventures by Ryszard Kanpuscinki who visited the market at Jankara and Manuwa Street by Sophie Bouillon

A literary itinerary in four parts

Nike Art gallery in the Lekki area has a book stand covering the Contemporary Art of Nigeria, selections from the catalogue of the Foundation for Contemporary & Modern Visual Arts  and good value titles on Nigerian Arts and Crafts.At the other end of this axis is the Parkview Estate-based Quintessence,reputed for special interest titles.Where you can buy a book,go the Q.Café and choose between a cup of coffee or a bottle of Hibiscus juice/Zobo. -Zobo is not a moonshine.


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